Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need to start your loan application process:

  1. Most recent pay stubs (30 days) and/or verification of retirement income
  2. 2 Months bank statements – all accounts & all pages (checking, savings, retirement, and investments accounts)
  3. Explanation of any large deposits – excluding payroll
  4. Explanation of any derogatory credit
  5. Explanation of any credit report inquiries
  6. Divorce decree and/or Separation Agreement (if applicable)
  7. Bankruptcy discharge papers (if applicable)
  8. VA DD214 & COE (if applicable)
  9. Social Security award letter (if applicable)
  10. Copy of business license if self employed
  11. Mortgage statement, insurance declaration page, property tax statement for all properties owned
  12. Rental agreements for all rental properties owned
  13. Copy of driver’s license

This is a good list of everything we will need to eliminate surprises during your loan process. However, additional items may be requested by the underwriting team.

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